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Team coaching


How do we know that our team is effective?

1. We are ready and happy to meet

2. We set clear goals and objectives

3. We know how to listen

4. We let each team member to speak

5. We know how to make meaningful conclusions and build on thoughts of others

6. We know how to ask meaningful questions

7. We clearly and concisely express ourselves

8. We foster positive thinking

9. We jointly plan our actions

10. We work together as a team to reach desired outcomes

11. We learn from mistakes

I believe that any team, that is able to say “yes” to most of these questions can consider itself effective. In most teams I call to assist in business environment, many of the points above are missing.

Among methods that promote teamwork and develop leaders Action Learning is my favorite choice. Besides problem solving, participants develop selected skills and learn how to effectively communicate in a group having mutual purpose.

There are two formats of Action Learning – to simplify, we can call them a “single purpose” and “long-term development program”. The first one is the most common, which would usually consist of one to three meetings, until the problem on hand is resolved. Its primary purpose – to find a solution. The primary purpose of the second format is to develop leaders. The “long-term” program lasts from 3 months and includes managers, who run complex cross-functional projects. The team meets twice per month for a full day to discuss projects, share findings, progress, concerns, failures and find new solutions together. Such meetings allow to:

• Set trusting relationships among managers from different functions

• Incorporate new perspective in looking at your own project

• Learn how your colleagues tackle problems similar to yours

• Receive constructive feedback regarding your project progress

• Receive support from other functions running your project