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Solid Foundation for Career Management


Why is it so difficult to make a decision of this kind? The answer lies in its complexity. To illustrate the point, here is a list of phases engaged in the process of arriving at similar crucial decisions:

  • identifying and describing the problem
  • determining the available timeframe
  • determining availability of resources
  • problem analysis
  • predicting feasible situations
  • setting goals
  • determining limits
  • generating solutions
  • recognizing  acceptable solutions
  • establishing choice criteria (principles)
  • deciding on effective solutions
  • identifying a unique solution

Moreover, it should be pointed out that in case of long-term oriented decisions - such as choosing profession – the lack of experience typical of our children adds up to the general intricacy of the issue.

I am sincerely happy for you and your child if you belong to a group of parents that managed to find time to reveal and improve her talents, to teach her to make decisions, to sit together and prepare a long-term oriented plan of her educational development.

You will likely agree with the fact that nowadays educational planning has become a necessity – being admitted to a prestigious international university is not a solution for self-development – it is nothing but a promising starting point.

Otherwise, in case you did not have enough time, or due to any other circumstances you did not have a chance to successfully tackle this issue, I will be glad to help.

My coaching experience includes assisting people of all ages and areas of expertise, but my special professional interest is coaching high school students and undergraduates, and I have two reasons for it.

Firstly, this is a life stage when the phrase “it’s not too late” can be applied to almost everything: a timely discovered talent will be cultivated throughout his life. Therefore, my client saves a considerable amount of time and efforts.

My second reason is compassion. Since high school years I often felt the need to turn to an advisor who would help me deal with a difficult situation, who would deepen my understanding of the problem and support me in time of need. I do value an opportunity to be such an advisor that I myself lacked long time ago. This is another justification why in case of coaching high school students and undergraduates I develop their own decision making skills, and as a result, their decisions are not a result of my skills performance.

My services also include career coaching. This area is my true passion. By using a variety of tools and methods we submerge into my client’s inner world in order to understand how the child interacts with the outer world, with other people, how he distributes and renews his energy and resources, what activity gives him inspiration, which is a key to success. After doing a personality portrait we switch to analyzing occupational fields and identify one or few professions that seem to be the best fitting solutions for the client’s personal environment and that match his values and beliefs.

I provide  tools and develop skills necessary to prepare a plan for career growth, when you do not just choose a profession, but understand every single aspect of it, including goals at the beginning of career path, and the ones in the middle and at the end of it; when you correlate income and life style expectations, geographical preference (and getting local), when you correlate values and beliefs, desirable social position, stress level and the degree of liability relevant to chosen occupation.

I provide  tools and develop skills necessary to work out a long-term educational plan that would include identification of the required level of knowledge, skills and competences, as well as gradual development of such skills and competences in accordance with the long-term goals. This includes research and analysis of local and international academic institutions, a detailed analysis of the programs they offer, communication with faculty members. Please note that I do not do it FOR you or FOR your child - I only help structure the process and thus develop your independence skills by being at hand at assisting in the process occasionally.

I assist in tactical issues, employer-employee relationship management, stress management in case of termination of employment, job search after a considerable employment gap, job search in case of substantial career change, communication with potential employers, assistance in choosing the best employment offer in case of multiple similar offers.

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