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Executive Coaching


The objective of coaching programs held in a company is to create an environment that would be beneficial for developing employees’ potential, to provide motivation and support in generating and carrying out particular tasks which move the company closer to the key goal.

A coach enables his clients to recognize their weak and strong points; they collaborate on devising a transformation plan (or an individual development plan), and he supports his clients throughout their professional growth. A coach always views any situation from two perspectives: current and strategic objectives. Therefore, he helps clients determine priorities and correlate personal development goals with the company’s long-term objectives.

As of today, coaching is considered the most efficient method to develop employees’ potential, which enhances personal growth and correlates with the company’s goals and objectives (according to a research study performed by Harvard Business Review, USA, 2009). A substantial majority of companies from Fortune 500 list consider coaching an essential tool for their employees’ development.

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