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Integrity, coherency and Top Management agreement are three pillars of successful project implementation in the field of organizational effectiveness. Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that having a formulated strategy is one of the first requirements for a company to succeed in the majority of subsequent organizational changes. This is an example of the integrity principle. The dependence between the workload and a required number of employees to cope with it is evident, while the same dependence between organizational structure and the company’s strategy is not so evident, but is indeed correct.

The coherency principle reveals itself in understanding if company’s current practices and procedures need improvement: if the company’s employees consider basic compensation to be unjust, it makes no sense to introduce efficiency management procedures. The first aspect to be taken care of in such situation is the principle of basic compensation accrual.

The third (integrity, coherency and support) principle necessary for successful organizational changes is full support from the company’s top executives.

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