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January 10,2016 Solid Foundation for Career Management

Why is it so difficult to make a decision of this kind? The answer lies in its complexity. To illustrate the point, here is a list of phases engaged in the process of arriving at similar crucial decisions: identifying and describing the problem determining the available timeframe determining availability of resources problem analysis predicting feasible

December 11,2015 Job Search: Potential Employer Comparison and Selection Criteria

Suppose you received two job offers. How do you make the right choice? What are the comparison criteria you should use, and, most importantly, which criteria should be given a priority? It goes without saying that priorities depend on how you visualize your long-term career development, which you have most likely already thoroughly planned. And

November 1,2015 (Русский) Ожидания от коучинг-сессии

Ожидания от коучинг сессии Я предлагаю рассмотреть фазы коучинговой сессии, а так же одиннадцать ключевых компетенций, сформулированных Международной Федерацией Коучей (ICF), являющихся “золотым стандартом” навыков профессионала в данной области. Вне зависимости от традиции и школы, сессия делится на три основных блока: Целеполагание Анализ/исследование вопроса Планирование и принятие обязательств за достижение желаемого результата Целеполагание можно разделить

October 8,2015 Development of Organizatonal Effectiveness & HR Practices

Very often some companies that decide to optimize existing practices and procedures do not take into consideration the company’s “maturity” factor. For example, words are useless when explaining something to a baby. The same logics apply in the following situation: it’s impossible to introduce an efficiency management system in a company where employees do not