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Career Coaching



The best way to find yourself in the professional field and to fully reveal your personality is to find an occupation that would match your values and beliefs, that would generate enough income, that would make you grow as a personality and as a professional in the areas you are interested in, and finally, that would let you collaborate with those who think the same way as you do. It’s common knowledge that the ideal is hard to reach without compromise, but every step you make towards improving yourself ALWAYS pays back substantially!

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This process includes the following steps: a detailed analysis of progress seen in the target industry, understanding career development perspectives and options for personal and professional growth, regional analysis, analysis of types of companies, studying career ladders for the desired positions, as well as many other aspects. I’m offering career planning that lets you see the industry and occupation in detail, and that lets you make choices that seem most suitable and interesting. Is it easier to revise a thoroughly revised plan, or to plan something from scratch? Career planning presupposes a long-term vision, which means you will be able to seize opportunities that would ACTUALLY work for you instead of making choices targeting short-term benefits. Career planning also gives you a clear understanding of the exact scope of responsibilities allocated to professionals in the fields you are interested in, and how this scope of responsibilities changes while a person is moving up the career ladder.

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You do not need to be a Harvard, Wharton, or Stanford graduate in order to master your profession. Provided you understand the amount of knowledge, skills and abilities that would serve the pillar for the profession of your choice, within 8-10 years of getting education and experience you’ll be able to construct an ideal “foundation” for future growth. Unfortunately, we are living in the world where brands do have their impact. However, on several occasions I was a witness to a complete failure of graduates from very prestigious international universities, whereas self-made professionals with unremarkable educational background succeeded in most complex tasks with ease. Being coherent, dedicated and possessing a deep understanding of the subject is by no means less important than well-developed skills and rich experience. The key factors in educational approach are coherence, and understanding of correlation. Choosing institution that offers higher education is only the first step: you need to remember that it’s been decades since the world we live in switched to the principles of lifelong learning and continuous learning.

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When facing a situation where ordinary solutions do not seem to work, we desperately need support. Several times in my career I wished I could consult an unbiased professional to ask for help in finding multiple solutions to this or that problem. My services offer assistance in managing employer-employee interactions, dismissal-related stress management, job hunting after a considerable employment gap, internal transfer job opportunity, going through interviews with potential employer, choosing best employment opportunity from an array of similar offers, managing interactions with direct supervisor, and in other situations when most of us need support.

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